Quintess offers an annual membership package for a low annual fee which on average, is less than the monthly premium charged by most health insurance companies. We focus on preventive medicine in addition to direct supervision and management of chronic conditions.

Priority scheduling

Annual physical exam

Age directed health screening

Point of care testing

Chronic condition management

This is a professional service provided to support our clients reach their healthiest weight under the guidance of our board certified Obesity Medicine Specialist. This package includes personalized meal plans, exercise prescriptions and FDA approved weight loss medications.

Weekly appointments

Personal meal plans

Customized exercise support

FDA Approved weight loss medications

Personalized support

If desired, we render a second expert opinion on current medical management plans. This includes an overview of lab reports and assistance with medical decision making for treatment options. This service is billed on an hourly basis and does not require an annual membership.

Second Opinion

Overview of current medical management plans

Treatment options

Quintess offers a once yearly preventive physical exam for adults for early disease detection and intervention. We also offer Well Child exams and Sports Physicals for adults and children. These services do not require a membership agreement and is offered for a fixed price.

Well child exam

Sports physical exam

Yearly well adult physical exam

Our services are tailored to your heath needs.