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Quintess Primary Care is an essential health care establishment. We will remain open to address all patient needs. Our office hours will remain unchanged.

As a patient of Quintess, if you have a fever or cough with shortness of breath, or have concerns about exposure to COID-19, you may call the office. We will prescribe an order for testing and direct you to the nearest testing center.

Quintess currently does not have testing kits for COVID-19. 

Weight No More! Odyssey

“I gained my entire life back with the weight loss. I feel so much healthier and energetic. I am now able to run around and be crazy with my kids. I don’t feel like sleeping all the time anymore. I also have a better relationship with my husband now, because I am happier and feel better about myself. I want to go out and do things, be in public, spend time with friends. I was so self conscious about my weight, that I just wanted to stay home all of the time before. I enjoy going to the gym, I have the energy now, and do not get so winded as I did before. I care more about my appearance now. I love trying on new clothes and dressing nicely, wearing make up, and spending the time to do my hair. I didn’t think it mattered how I presented myself before,  because I was so overweight and did not feel good about myself. Overall, I am so much happier, healthier, and excited to live a full, active lifestyle!”

Jen (April – November, 2019)