Quintess Primary Care LLC is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical service. This means it requires a membership subscription, similar to paying your monthly cable bill. For low monthly fees, we provide routine outpatient primary care services. We do not accept payment from health insurance companies which allows us to have more time to focus on you, our clients.

If you have health insurance coverage, we encourage you to maintain it for services not provided in our office setting, including hospital admissions, lab work, imaging studies and prenatal care.

Quintess is tailored to address  your specific health needs. Our services are modeled after current evidence  based protocols and anticipatory guidelines specific for age and gender.

Protect your

family’s health.


Wherever you are in your health journey, from disease prevention to  management of a pre-existing condition including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, Asthma, COPD, thyroid disease or menopause, whether you are working on losing weight or you are in pursuit of emotional well being, your health is the core of our focus. We offer care to ensure that your health allows you to live your life the way you want.


Quintess provides you with direct access to our physician through scheduled appointments, phone calls, text messages and emails. You will not have to wait weeks for an appointment or hours in a waiting room.

We encourage you to be actively involved in your care by providing you with copies of your customized care plan after each clinical interaction. All your questions and concerns will be fully addressed at each visit and we ensure that we are easily accessible to you.

DIRECT PRIMARY CARE (DPC): A Health Care Revolution