Regardless of being a man or woman, there is a list of recommended screening tests dependent upon your age. If you are like most people, you only see the doctor when you are really sick or expecting a baby. However, once yearly doctor’s visit for a well woman or a well man exam will allow your doctor to discuss your current health status with you. Recommended blood work and screening tests can also be discussed and ordered during this visit. Screening helps find disease in the early stages before symptoms develop and when they are easiest to treat. This is a very important visit that you should not skip.

In preparation for the national women’s health week which starts on Mother’s Day every year, I searched the internet for resources and was amazed by how often a uterus was the representative image for Women’s Health! Women’s health screening is more than a pelvic exam. Ironically, current recommendations do not  advocate for routine pelvic exams.

I have attached a link to the the Office on Women’s Health U.S Department of Health and Human Services for a complete age appropriate list of screening for women from the age of 21 years:

Take care of ‘YOU’. Take control of your health. Schedule your annual well-woman exam.


National Women's Health Week