” If you want to accomplish something you never have before, you need to do something you have never done before.”

I woke up one day and realized that I had accomplished all my personal pre-40 goals. The one exception was my weight. It was becoming progressively more difficult to keep up with my children during play time. I hated going out because none of my clothes fitted the way I wanted them to and it didn’t help that I had a closet full of smaller sized clothes which I refused to give up. Family pictures were a challenge – I had to adopt a particular posture or surround myself with my children to simulate a slimmer profile. The worst part was that I felt judged as a physician.  I had to admit to myself that morning, July 12, 2012 that I was knocking on trouble’s door.  My body, the temple of the Holy Spirit,  was not at it’s healthiest.

I have struggled with weight fluctuation since my childhood. I know all about yo-yo weight and dieting. Of course I lost weight intermittently, but I couldn’t stay on any of the diets because I love food! I didn’t become this juicy by hating food. I love my carbs! I love my bread and Jasmine rice! But I loved my children more and I wanted to be around long enough to see them blossom. It was time to change my health trajectory, not only for myself, but also for my children. I was determined not to be another statistic… “80% of African American women have obesity or are overweight…” I needed to reflect the health I presented to my patients.

Where was a gal to start from? I hated diets! I didn’t want to hear or see the list of everything I could not eat – they were the very things I loved! I didn’t want to exercise- the very idea terrified me and sweating wasn’t cool, plus, it messed up my hair! As real as these issues appeared to be during that period, with hind sight, they were nothing but excuses. I realized that I was standing in my own way of success. I initiated my research and discovered, to my dismay, that the information we were taught in medical school regarding nutrition was not evidence based. My research guided my life style change and initiated my weight loss journey, one baby step at a time. 6 years  and 85 lbs later, I am choosing to stay on track. I still have my moments and my days of struggle but I remember where I started from and stay focused.

This short video sums up my journey with before and after pictures…